Su Espacio

 Su Espacio is where the magic happens!  Everyday from 8-10 am I am there learning Spanish. My teachers name is Yadira.  She is Awesome and extremely helpful.  Everyone here speaks Spanish so I am very motivated to learn the language.  I can't wait till I can speak it fluently and I'm almost positive that  I will continue learning it once  I return to the states.  I never realized until now how important a second language can actually be. 



Mi Amigos

Although before I had left I had contacted a few of the other volunteers I didn't really know what to expect.  I couldn't distinguish the guys from the girls just based on their names and I was pretty sure I was the oldest one....Boy was I wrong!  There was a total of 8 of us including me that arrived on the same day.

1.)  Alex...who I was pretty sure was a guy and who was dating another one of the volunteers named Shelby. they are both they are both from a small town in Maine and fresh out of high school.  Alex and I have become quick friends...she is awesome...and this whole experience would not be the same without here. Alex and Shelby both volunteer teaching English


2.)  Gabrielle is from Canada.  She is a great girl and is very laid back. 

Gabrielle and Alex

3.)  Janosh...who I also wasn't sure if he was a girl or a guy.  He is definitly a  He is from Germany…and studies medicine in Bakersfield, California.  He hangs out with a most of the time but is gone on the weekends visiting his girlfriend that also lives here in Costa Rica.  He volunteer's at the ambulance/hospital.

            Janosh and a Tico (local) named Carlos          Ken (we will get to him later), Alex, and Janosh


4.)  Linda and Joe who are married and are also from Canada.  They have done many volunteer programs in other countries but never in Costa Rica.  They are volunteering in the community center helping and teaching children.

5.)  Joe and Pam are both from the states.  They are just friends and do a lot of traveling and volunteer projects together.  They are also volunteering in the community center helping and teaching children.

 Linda, Joe, Pam, and David


Every two weeks new volunteers come to Atenas.  So from the weeks before there is Stina who's from Sweden. Acuira from Japan and Katherine who's from Virginia.

From the Left it is Shelby, Katherine, Alex, Stina, and Acuira

As for poor Ken he was from Canada also, but unfortunately had to get sent home for some personal problems.  Apparently he was suffering from a mental disorder no one knew anything about.  Hopefully he is getting the help he needs to get better.